The Dice Tower: 12 Games of Christmas - Thematic Games

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Last Updated: Wednesday, November 25, 2020

1) Marvel Champions: The Card Game
Marvel Champions: The Card Game
Battle Marvel villains with unique teams of iconic heroes in this LCG. ...

2) Funkoverse Strategy Game: Back to the Future 100 – Marty McFly & Doc Brown
Funkoverse Strategy Game: Back to the Future 100 – Marty McFly & Doc Brown
In the Funkoverse Strategy Game, you combine your favorite characters and go head-to-head in four exciting game scenarios. Use your characters' unique abilities to gain points and achieve victory! Each turn, you select one of your characters and perform two actions. Each character has access to basic actions like moving and challenges as well as several unique abilities that may be performed only by spending ability tokens. Funkoverse uses an innovative "cooldown" system — the more powerful the ability, the longer it will take for the ability token to become available again — so players have to spend their ability tokens ...

3) Detective: City of Angels
Detective: City of Angels
Do whatever it takes to close the case in a dark and violent 1940's Los Angeles. ...

4) Cthulhu: Death May Die
Cthulhu: Death May Die
In Cthulhu: Death May Die, inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, you and your fellow players represent investigators in the 1920s who instead of trying to stop the coming of Elder Gods, want to summon those otherworldly beings so that you can put a stop to them permanently. You start the game insane, and while your long-term goal is to shoot Cthulhu in the face, so to speak, at some point during the game you'll probably fail to mitigate your dice rolls properly and your insanity will cause you to do something terrible — or maybe advantageous. Hard to ...

5) Forgotten Waters
Forgotten Waters
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Seek fortune and infamy in a fantastical world of piratical misadventure. ...

6) The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game
The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game
Immerse yourself in the beloved story of dastardly plots and true "wove". ...

7) Godzilla: Tokyo Clash
Godzilla: Tokyo Clash
Kaiju rampage! Power up and attack rivals to become King of the Monsters. ...

8) The Reckoners
The Reckoners
The Reckoners, a game based on the young adult fantasy novels by Brandon Sanderson, allows players to take on the roles of the novels' protagonists and work together to save the world. Background: 10 years ago... A mysterious burst in the sky gave ordinary men and women extraordinary powers. They're called Epics. But, every Epic turned out to be evil. Today, in the city once known as Chicago (now Newcago), an all-powerful Epic named Steelheart reigns supreme! Nobody fights back... nobody but the Reckoners! This is where you come in. You are a member of the Reckoners, a skilled group of normal humans ...

9) Project: ELITE
Project: ELITE
Soldiers fight together against waves of terrifying aliens in real time. ...

10) Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game
Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game
Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game is a standalone game in the Zombicide franchise based on the George A. Romero movie of the same name. In Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, players take on the role of the movie's main characters, holed up in an isolated house while the dead come to life all around them. The original movie sees the few survivors hunkering for safety in the house as the ghouls (as they're called in the film) pose a continuous threat from outside. It's a tense psychological thriller full of gritty moods and dark themes, ...

11) Pandemic Legacy: Season 0
Pandemic Legacy: Season 0
Work together during the Cold War to prevent a Soviet bio-threat. ...

12) Too Many Bones
Too Many Bones
Toss gobs of unique dice in an epic adventure en route to a final boss showdown. ...

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